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How long have you been operating at this location and what is your market area?
Willow Creek Homes is in its nineth year of providing ultra custom homes for our clients in western Canada and the north western United States.

Do you own the facility that you operate from?
Yes, Willow Creek Homes owns the 40 000 + square foot indoor plant and the surrounding 40 acres of land.

Who insures the home and how is it protected from vandalism, theft, wind, rain and snow during construction?
Willow Creek Homes has comprehensive insurance coverage for all the homes in our possession at the plant. When the transporter of the home takes possession of the home their insurance covers it. Once the home is resting on the foundation it is the homeowners responsibility. All our homes are built inside a secure building, so there is no exposure to the elements.

Are you licensed to sell homes in Alberta?
Yes, Willow Creek homes is Licensed by Alberta Government Services. In Alberta all companies selling off-site built homes to retail customers must be bonded and licensed by Alberta Government Services. Ask to see the license.

Are your homes built to comply with a building code?
Yes, all Willow Creek's Canadian homes comply with the Alberta Building Code 1997 and United States homes comply with the International Residential Code 2003. These are the same codes that all home builders must comply with.

How are the homes you build inspected?
All Willow Creek Homes are inspected during the construction process and certified by the Canadian Standards Association. The Alberta Building Code 1997 section states "Every manufactured home and off-site manufactured house that is constructed after 1998, shall be certified, by the Canadian Standards Association, or an organization approved for this purpose by the Director, to confirm that the unit complies with the performance required by this code." Canadian Standards Association is the only organization approved for this purpose by the Director, at present.

Is there a certificate that tells me the home was inspected?
Yes, all Willow Creek Homes in Canada have a CSA label and an Alberta Labour label located on the electrical panel cover. In the U.S. there is an additional State label visible on the exterior of the home. These labels are part of a program with Alberta Municipal Affairs, Safety Codes Council, and Canadian Standards Association to indicate compliance with the Alberta Building Code 1997 and with associated regulations. The local safety codes officer who issues permits for occupancy of the home looks for these labels before issuing an occupancy permit. All builders of manufactured homes, including mobile homes, off-site manufactured homes, ready-to-move (RTM) homes, and relocatable industrial accommodation are required to take part in the labelling program, Standata 97-IB-003R2.

Who is responsible for transportation and set of the home?
Willow Creek Homes' quoted price includes all delivery and set costs, transportation permits and final finish.

Do you include beams and support columns?
Yes, all beams and support columns and the installation of these are included in the price of your Willow Creek Home.

Do you include an electrical panel?
Yes, Willow Creek Homes supplies and wires either a 100 amp or 200 amp electrical panel, depending on the needs of the homebuyer.

What is not included in the price of your home?
Willow Creek Homes does not include the foundation, excavation, land, building permits, basement plumbing, basement electrical, basement finish, HVAC, water heater, stairs and eavestrough.

What is your warranty policy?
Willow Creek Homes has a one year company warranty and also provides a Ten Year Structural Warranty through the Progessive Home Warranty Solutions. We believe this is the best coverage available. Homebuyers can add coverage for their foundation to the Ten Year Warranty after their home is delivered.

Do you provide plans to the homebuyer and how much do they cost?
Yes, Willow Creek Homes provides complete construction drawings to our customers, they are 8 - 10 pages and include foundation drawings, floor framing, plan layout, electrical layout and directory, plumbing schematic, elevations, building sections and detail sheets. Customers receive as many copies as required and there is no cost to the customer.

Will you custom design a floor plan to suit my needs, and is there a fee for this service?
Yes, Willow Creek Homes custom designs each and every home we build and there is no fee for this. To us Custom Home means; a unique home that is not the same as any other. This is very different from "customized" which means a pre-determined floor plan that you add to or subtract from.

Can I buy directly from the manufacturer?
Yes, Willow Creek Homes does not sell to dealers or other intermediaries. Buying directly from the manufacturer of your home means that you are getting better value for your money because there is no dealer mark-up on the price of the home. It also means that you can communicate directly with the people that are doing the work, so there are no errors or misunderstandings - you get the home you want.

Are you a member of a professional association that governs the conduct of its members ?
Yes, Willow Creek Homes is a member of the Modular/Manufactured Housing Association since 1997 and adheres to its code of ethics.

Also, all photographs we use on our website and other advertising are of actual homes we have built.

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